Notes Sept. 7 (Tu)

Plant nomenclature

Common name vs. scientific name



ICBN -- rules (and recommendations) for naming plants

Species Plantarum (1753)

Names of taxa above level of genus:
      Category "Family"… taxon example: Asteraceae
      Category "Order"… taxon example: Asterales
      Category "Subclass"… taxon example: Asteridae

Generic names: from any source, including commemorative names ( e.g. Kalmia) Always treated as a Latin noun.

Specific epithets: from any source. Must be treated as Latin words, either an adjective or a noun in genitive case.

Specific epithets: if adjectives, must agree in gender with the genus name; there ARE exceptions. Example: Callicarpa americana, Pteridium aquilinum…but…Quercus alba


Synonyms: nomenclatural vs. taxonomic.

Types: holotype, isotype

Infraspecifc taxa:
      Variety ("var.")
      Subspecies ("ssp.")