Flora Caroliniana Projects

Neighborhood Floras

Managers: Herrick Brown

Flora Caroliniana is fostering citizen science by offering local communities a chance to document the botanical diversity on public lands such as city parks and community gardens. While deposition of voucher specimens in a local herbarium will ensure the highest quality of documentation, it is advisable to contact local park authorities with regard to appropriate permissions and/or permits prior to collecting any plant material. En lieu of voucher collection, photodocumentation of live plant specimens is desirable.

Read the Owens Field Park BioBlitz Progress Report.

Schoolyard Floras

Managers: Herrick Brown, Chanda Cooper

Flora Caroliniana supports botanical investigations for K-12 students by providing the infrastructure for schools to create, publish, and manage interactive, web-based inventories of schoolyard flora. These inventories are available to members of the school community, the scientific community, and the general public for research and informational purposes.

If you are a teacher or school staff member interested in participating in the Flora Caroliniana - Schoolyard Flora program and you would like to learn more about Botanical Inventories, please visit our How To page or contact Herrick Brown for more information.

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