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A few things in life are as worrisome as having a law enforcement officer at the door. If you have been served with a restraining order in New Jersey, you need to start looking for legal expertise. A temporary restraining order is valid until the date of the hearing. At the hearing, you and the alleged victim get to present your respective sides, and the court will make a decision accordingly. There are only two possibilities – 

  1. Dismissal of the temporary restraining order
  2. Granting a final restraining order

When charged with a restraining order, you should find an attorney who can ensure that the latter doesn’t happen. What kind of attorney should you hire? How to select a firm among the shortlisted options? We have shared a few details below for your help. 

Go for a criminal defense lawyer

A restraining order is usually issued in a civil court. Because the matter often overlaps with issues relating to family law, people often assume that they need a family attorney. While family lawyers take up restraining order matters, criminal lawyers may have an edge. Any violation of the TRO could eventually lead to criminal charges. Also, restraining orders are often issued after acts of harassment, assault, and domestic violence, and therefore, the accused may also have criminal charges to defend too. An experienced attorney can help evaluate the aspects of criminal law that may matter for the hearing. 

Experience counts

As we said, both family law attorneys and criminal defense lawyers can help defend you at a restraining order hearing. However, before you choose any lawyer, make sure that they have credible experience in the field. Domestic violence and restraining orders are often related and are a unique field of law. Get an attorney who has TRO defense as one of their primary areas of practice. You can also ask about previous clients and their success rates. Make sure that the lawyer has time to take your case because the final restraining order hearing wouldn’t be far away. 

Cost of lawyering up 

Criminal lawyers can charge a flat fee or an hourly rate for restraining order matters. It depends largely on the facts of the case. Charging by the hour is the norm, and you can ask for an estimate in advance. 

A final restraining order can change your life, and not in a good way. Don’t delay getting help from an experienced criminal lawyer. 

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