Bug Fix log
USCH and CLEMS Specify 6 Botany Taxon Tree
MySQL Method (.sql files)

2011-08-25 TaxonTreeDefItem - IsEnforced and IsInFullName values updated

Values for IsEnforced and IsInFullName were updated from NULL values to TRUE/FALSE values for several taxonomic ranks allowing more flexibility when chosing ranks for new names added to the tree. This also permits synonymization, reparenting, and merging of infraspecific ranks. The values should appear as displayed in the table below. This replaces the first release of the TaxonTreeDefItem Table .sql file from 2011-08-18.

TaxonTreeDefItemID Name RankID IsEnforced IsInFullName
2 Kingdom 10 TRUE FALSE
3 Subkingdom 20 FALSE FALSE
4 Division 30 TRUE FALSE
5 Subdivision 40 FALSE FALSE
6 Class 60 TRUE FALSE
7 Subclass 70 FALSE FALSE
8 Order 100 TRUE FALSE
9 Suborder 110 FALSE FALSE
10 Family 140 TRUE FALSE
11 Subfamily 150 FALSE FALSE
12 Tribe 160 FALSE FALSE
13 Subtribe 170 FALSE FALSE
14 Genus 180 TRUE TRUE
15 Subgenus 190 FALSE FALSE
16 Section 200 FALSE FALSE
17 Subsection 210 FALSE FALSE
18 Species 220 TRUE TRUE
19 Subspecies 230 FALSE TRUE
20 Variety 240 FALSE TRUE
21 Subvariety 250 FALSE TRUE
22 Forma 260 FALSE TRUE
23 Subforma 270 FALSE TRUE

2011-08-22 Taxon - ParentID values updated for species with species as parents

Values for ParentID were changed to create parent linkage with appropriate parent genera for all species which were previously assigned to other species as their parents. This will ensure proper concatenation of FullName field during Taxon Tree Updates. This replaces the first release of the Taxon Table .sql file from 2011-08-18.